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Whole House Remodeling Tips

Updated: Feb 10

Home renovation is a trend right now, with numerous TV shows featuring extreme visuals, extreme schedules, and the apparent miraculous transformation of living spaces. It’s always been fascinating to think that you can reimagine, remodel and rework any home and essentially turn something old and battered, into something new and better.

Revamping your house is also another way to show your love of "home", the community and your extended family who visit you, and how much you relish your surroundings because after spending many years living there, some parts may need repair and, not to mention, you want a good experience for everyone in your home.

And whether you want to increase your house’s market value or enhance your lifestyle or just to freshen things up, making smart decisions will have an impact on your finances and overall satisfaction with the finished product.

Now that you’ve decided to revamp your house, we’ve listed down six remodeling tips that will help you achieve that dream home of yours.

Plan Ahead by Setting your Main and Secondary Goals

To have a good house renovation and achieve your desired result, you need to have a good working plan. Resolve your objective as to why you are doing this in the first place. Realize the scale of this project, and write down your goal for each space and room. This way, you can strategize with your Architect an entire process effectively and efficiently. You don't need to draw the space, just describe the feel of it - let the Architect use his knowledge and creativity to put form to it.

Consult an Architect

You may think that deciding on your own will save you tons of money but consulting an Architect for this special and close-to-your-heart project is the best idea. As they have the knowledge and skills to assess the situation and renovate accordingly, and can help you save a long term cost. A homeowner can have a one-time design consultation, have the Architect examine the problem and sketch a tried and true solution that is as simple as opening up a wall or moving a door for a flat fee.

Your Architect will Help you Build it Well with a Reputable Contractor

Choosing who to perform the renovation is one of the most important parts of the process. It’s good to know that a reputable contractor with years of experience, proven by vetting and bidding the project with you. With your Architect's help throughout the construction, you will be confident that your new house is safe, comfortable, and exactly what you’ve wanted.

Consider the Best Way to Finance your Project

Trust me when I say renovating your house will cost more than you care to know. And it can drain your savings as fast as possible but there are funding options like sweat equity and home equity loan that can help you save money and finance your project.


Decide on your total expenditure requirement and limit. Your consultation and planning with your Architect will come in handy in estimating a practical and rational budget that you will be needing for your home renovation. It is also important to do your research so you will not overestimate your budget.

Remember the Big Picture

Remodeling your house is exciting, it’s important to remember the big picture and that there are a lot, and I mean a lot of things to consider and think about so use your Architect to great advantage in making and executing these decisions for you. Enjoy the process. Make sure to include long-term maintenance, energy loss, and repair expenses in your calculations when comparing prices. And don’t forget the simple details and elements in your renovation plans like how paints affect the lighting, patterns, flooring, fixtures, and furniture, and how it all ties together.

Renovating your entire house requires time, energy, and money so it is best to make careful selections - decide on your goal early and seek advice from experts to enjoy home remodeling ideas and convert your house beautifully and with quality.

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