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Architects Corner Episode 1: Architecture in the Post-Pandemic World

The Covid-19 pandemic reshaped most of the ways we live, especially when it prompted companies to move business and operations online. Our desire to work at home and spend time with family is now a reality, but it proves to be more challenging than we dreamed of; there is more tension, stress, and pressure.

It now has become apparent that we need an integrated environment where we can work, play, and simply live, and an architect is the ideal catalyst for these changes in our built environment.

Like many other industries, the architecture industry is also affected by the pandemic. Our practice has changed a bit to adapt to the current needs. In the premier episode of ‘Architect’s Corner', we listed down our top tips, trends, and build technology in the post-pandemic world.

Bringing Indoors Out and Outdoors In

With the overwhelming demand at work, many people find it challenging to live fully and yet work, as well, at home. But they also realized that it is achievable, and that’s why bringing them indoors in and outdoors out became a trend. But how exactly?

Spreading the House

With the help of an architect, spreading the house for more outdoor spaces without being wasteful is possible. Experienced planners can make a design where there is an allocated room to do things together and customized for individual use. When designed properly, each space can set the tone and give you experiences for each use and function.

The Transition from One Room to Another

The challenge now for architects is not so much in creating a space that sets a tone but the creative and smooth transition from one room to another. Fortunately, there are a lot of ways to do so, from glass doors to walls that fold into converting certain areas into a workspace. Taking a space in the northern or southern part of the house and letting the natural light play inside allows you to feel nature and be relaxed while working.

Architecture Affects Mental Health

Being confined in a small room without any window can get suffocating. Likewise, it can get quite distracting and stressful if your office is in the living room or near the kitchen, always bustling with people. That’s why hiring a designer that can provide you with the mental space you need through well-designed rooms is important.

Hierarchy of Spaces

Since people spend most of their time at home, a hierarchy of spaces is equally important. Have a variety of rooms, from small to large, that you experience throughout the day. Some spaces may be universal for entertainment, work, private use, etc.

Play Being a Function

One thing people worry about is that we look at our screens almost all the time during work and relaxation. That’s why having a game room or puzzle room where you can turn anything off and just stimulate your mind is also a trend. And it is another reason why bringing the indoors out and outdoors in and spreading spaces is such a fantastic idea. We can have great physical and mental activities, let loose and be creative in a matter of a few steps.

Spaces Need a Purpose

A lot of people are moving out of the city to live in the suburbs, and it’s because they have become more intentional in setting their spaces and rooms. They want areas for recreation, work, and other things they deem essential in their lifestyle that urban areas cannot provide due to space constraints.

A New Style of Architecture is Emerging

We have a bigger opportunity to experiment because of the technology now. We can further expand on ideas on architectural style like the international style created by Corbusier. On their shoulders, and through advanced technology, architects can design some amazing works.

Top Trends in Technology

Smart homes are becoming more and more popular right now. Our home is in the phase where it is already considered a living, breathing, thinking thing. And the home of the future will have a mind or chip behind it, controlling all kinds of aspects of life in the house, from temperature control to air quality to the lock system, it will be completely customized for us.

It seemed as if the world changed entirely when the Covid-19 pandemic hit us, but as more information was gained, we realized the importance of spaces and how we can design, reimagine, and repurpose them for our welfare.


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