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Modern Gray House: A Perfect Blend of Form and Function

Updated: Jun 7, 2023

Tucked into the hill behind it, with long sweeping roofs reflecting the linear creek at the front of the house, the Modern Gray House is a product of great collaboration between the owners, architect, and builders.

Design Concept

We increased the grandeur of the Modern Gray House by emphasizing its horizontal lines, giving it a more sizable presence than its original small and simple design. The house sits on a great lawn with a little creek running through it, which inspired the creation of a 10-foot porch around the house.

The porch allows the homeowners to sit out in the summertime and enjoy the view of their property while expanding the indoor-outdoor space, giving a base for the soaring overhangs above it, creating an aesthetic of a bird about to take flight. The homeowners also desired an Asian bend to the architecture, which the design perfectly provided.

Construction Process

The construction process of the Modern Gray House was not without challenges. At one point, the building department challenged the 10’ overhangs. We provided the proof of engineering soundness of it, much like many past Architects with unique designs. The design was approved and the cantilevers soar over the porch today.

While the finished architecture looks completely new, this project was a renovation of an existing split level ranch. The design concept was to build a new second floor above the existing structure while retaining the exterior walls of the existing house. It gave a whole new life, airy and full of light, to an otherwise dark and nondescript home.

Interior Design

The house is full of light and open views to the hill and stream. The interior spaces were designed to complement the modern architecture of the exterior and bring the inside “in”. The materials and finishes used in the home were carefully chosen to match the aesthetic of the inside/outside nature of the home. The end result is a beautiful and cohesive design that is both modern and comfortable.

A Perfect Harmony

The Modern Gray House is an exemplary fusion of form and function - a result of successful collaboration between the architect, the owners, and builders.

The team orchestrated a luxurious modern home that is both beautiful and functional with challenges overcome through great design creativity and thoughtful teamwork. It is a stunning home integrated with the site and soaring between hill and stream - a testament to the importance of careful thought, site investigation, collaboration, design, and a client's trust in reaching for those unique spaces we can create as Architects in a modern home uniquely shaped for our clients.


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