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Colonial House: A Modern Marvel in Connecticut

Updated: Dec 19, 2023

Frontage of a modern colonial masterpiece.

Nestled in the heart of Connecticut, the Robinsons' Colonial House stands as a testament to the seamless fusion of modern luxury with the charm of the 1800s. We undertook the challenge of renovating this historical gem, turning it into a contemporary masterpiece. The objective was clear - to weave modern functionality into a classic colonial structure.

Design Concept

The bridge connecting the old house to a new addition.

The design journey started with a vision to create a space that respects its historical roots while embracing modern comforts. Inspired by Connecticut charm and Palm Beach style, the home underwent a 2018 expansion, redefining luxury living. The master suite, adorned with towering windows, a crystalline bathroom, and a walk-in dressing area, became a sanctuary of tranquility. The architectural genius manifested in a bridge connecting the old house to a new addition, christened 'The Jewel.'

“The idea was to create a solution for adding to a very historical house that had been added to in a hodgepodge way over the years. We wanted to modernize the property, double the size of it, while  still keeping the character of the old house but also doing something nice as a 'jewel' next to it.”

Construction Challenges

Interior shot of the bridge.

Challenges emerged during construction, from unexpected underground rivers to the need for innovative solutions to frost protection. Collaborating closely with contractor Fred Capparelle, we navigated these challenges, ensuring the new addition harmoniously married the landscape. The result? A marvel that defies the constraints posed by nature and topography.

Intimate Spaces

Interior shot of the modern colonial masterpiece.

The interior design narrative unfolds with a focus on creating intimate spaces. 

From a cozy corner by the fireplace to a sunroom with radiant heated floors, each room whispers sophistication. The kitchen, a focal point, boasts a French blue La Cornue stove, standing tall in a sea of white. The play of white continues throughout, transforming the once-dark interior into a bright and inviting haven.

A Colonial House Into A Modern Sanctuary

Exterior shot of a modern, colonial architecture design.

In the final symphony of architecture and design, the Robinsons found not just a renovated house but a sanctuary that transcends time. 

Our firm’s meticulous attention to detail and intimate collaboration with the homeowners resulted in a home that is a work of art. This Colonial House stands as a testament to the transformative power of architecture, turning history into a modern haven.


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